Sometimes life happens and funds for extra things, like sports, can be hard to come by. We at OMM (Optimist Miracle Movers) desire for ALL kiddos with ANY special need, be able to play and be included regardless of your current financial situation. Because of that, we have the OMM Athlete Scholarship which any athlete can apply for. If your Athlete needs some extra assistance with funding, please complete the application below and a board member from the OMM will reach out to with details.

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Name of Athlete
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Name of Person Completing Application
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Your Contact Phone Number
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Applying for the OMM Athlete Scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive it. We want to make sure that every Athlete is offered the ability, and opportunity, to play. If your Athlete is accepted, do you agree to... 1: Make sure that they are at every game for their sport to the best of you and their abilities? 2: Help with the never-ending and continued search for Volunteers (buddies) by sharing social media posts when we are seeking additional help? 3: Help us in encouraging not only your Athlete but all the Athletes that come out?